Top 9 Major reasons for Hiring a Skip Bin

For a while, I was unable to figure out the basic need of hiring a skip. But once I started renovating my house, I came to know a lot many different uses of it. If you’re like me, take a look at the list below and find out major reasons of hiring a skip.

Renovation, Repair or Redecoration of the Home

wooden plank and blue head painting brush

The need of hiring a skip bin during the renovation n of the house is one of the most obvious reasons to count on. Redecoration or renovation of the house results in a large amount of old and scrappy material that is of no use in the future (surely there’ll be a lot, as the basic purpose is to renew the whole look which means getting rid of old things). So, to take away all this material to another place in a single go, skip bin helps a lot.

Removal of the Useless broken Furniture

Another reason of using a skip bin is during the removal of old and useless furniture. This thing is feasible for both house and building owners. Getting rid of heavy material like furniture is nearly impossible in the short amount of time. But hiring a skip can surely save you money, manpower, most importantly time. Moreover, hiring a skip from companies like GT Skips comes with an environmentally friendly benefit. Once the skip is collected, it is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

Rubbish Removal After Demolition

This is way bigger than the renovation of the building or a mere house. The demolition of any place results in an enormous amount of waste material that includes cement, pieces of bricks, glass, rods and a lot of different things specifically used in the construction of that place. This is one of the major places where the use of skip bin is highly recommended and is of course immensely beneficial and advantageous. By dumping all the material in the skip bin at once, you can get rid of the waste material right away.

Dumping of the After Party Mess

garbage truck picking-up the bin

All the part freaks can well imagine the amount of jumbled up clutter that piles up after everyone left the place. Sure, if you’d arranged a large party and loads of your friends, colleagues or family members have joined in, then there be a lot of mess to be taken care off. There will be empty cans, bottles, wrappers, juice boxes, pizza boxes, confetti, and what not. So, it would be hectic and tiresome to clean up the mess through a lengthening process. A wise thing to do would be hiring a skip bin, and all the clutter can be dumped in this large bin.

Bathroom Renovation

Hiring a skip bin while renovating the bathroom comes in extremely handy, and advantageous. Most of the people renovate their houses step by step. But the renovation of the bathroom always comes on the top. You may think that your bathroom is not that big, dirty or has that much excess material to dump off, but honestly, during bathroom renovation, an excessive amount of dump is produced. You may be disposing of the old broken shower, curtain rail, broken toilet, washbasin, water tap, or any other material. All this material needs to be shipped and dumped off properly. The proper packaging and transport of this material to the specified places need professional help in the form of hiring a skip bin.

Building Renovation

Renovating house with crane in front

You can well imagine the mess and excess of wastage that came out while renovating the house. Make it 100 times larger, and that will be the amount of waste material generated when renovating the whole building. Depending upon the type of building, and on which scale you are renovating the place; the amount waste material varies from smaller to much larger. In this case, hiring a bit larger skip bin will worth saving the time, money and of course energy.

Moving House (Shifting from one place to another)

While moving your residence from one place to another, and the house you are moving from is old family home where you’ve been living for many years, then there will a lot of items to be well taken care of, and other many that will be dumped off immediately. If you have separated all the junk items from the loved ones, and want to throw all these at once, then hiring a skip will help you a lot. Such sort of transport of the junk material will need a small sized skip, and you’ll be left with all the neat and clean items that you’ll be just sitting at your new place.

Cleaning Up the Garden

One of the most obvious and consistent mess that needs to be clean up promptly is of garden garbage. Garden cleanup is not only important to make your house look aesthetically beautiful, but it is also important for the good quality growth of the plants, grass, and trees. The garden garbage includes long branches of trees, broken bushes, small weeds, fallen leaves, the excessive spread of sand and much more. All this mess needs to be a waste off properly. It is hard to take this all at once by any means other than hiring a large skip bin. Here the ultimate advantage of the skip bin comes in action. You can dump all the garbage in the skip at once, and load it off to the waste place.

Cleaning of a Big Garage

Most of the garages are filled up with the useless or extra material because of years and years of negligence and keeping things as is for a long time. A garage basically becomes a junk drawer after all this time, and cleaning up all this junk becomes a must. Cleaning of the garage is a big task, through which piles of different materials, that are of no use in the future or at present, comes out. Here, the ultimate use of skip bin comes in handy again. Just by a single call, and a large tank of the bin, you can take away all the junk at once.

Tulip garden care – Enjoy your tulips year after year

Horticultural texts describe Tulips as a perennial flower. This should mean that your Tulip can bloom every year giving you those beautiful flowers unfailingly. But then, in practice Tulip does need care and most tulip lovers find replanting every year as a necessary part of fostering their love for tulips. The question therefore is, if tulips are indeed perennial, why are they not so always. The answer is pretty simple, says Frans Roozen, who is the technical director at Netherland’s Flower Bulb Centre at Hillegom. According to him, you need the climatic conditions obtaining in the steppes of eastern Turkey or the foothills of Himalayas for the Tulips to be blooming by the book.

Growing Tulips in Netherlands is different

close picture of tulip

Roozen states further that Tulips came to the Western world some 4 centuries ago as an oriental native and can be seen at its best in conditions that match hot and dry summers as well as cold winters. But Roozen was all smiles when he was asked how tulips thrived in Holland and would only say that it takes an amount of know-how. On persisting with the question, he gave away the secret. The Dutch have mastered hydraulic engineering which helps them do virtually anything they need with water and induce some of the best conditions for tulips to grow on this planet.

Growing tulips in Australia

Let us now examine how Australians can get the best out of their tulips.
Climatic conditions in Australia are far too different from what is obtaining in Netherlands or the Himalayas. A major limitation for tulips in Australia is the mild winter we have. Tulips prefer really cold winter conditions, and when the winter is mild, it delays tulip flowering taking it to spring when surprise heatwaves can potentially become a show stopper.

Choosing the bulbs

CloseUp Of Tulip

The double-whammy of mild winters and surprise heatwaves in spring can be beaten by choosing the bulbs carefully. Select varieties that can start flowering early and chill them in the crisper for about 6 weeks. If you are planning to plant the bulbs in early May, you should be buying the bulbs in mid-March and chill them through the following 6 weeks. Chilling hastens to flower and will ensure that you enjoy all that beauty in August.

Storing the bulbs

Use Orange/Onion net or a paper bag (loose brown) to store the bulbs in the crisper. You can put your regular vegetables alongside if you have space constraints in the crisper. But, take care not to ever put fruits along with the bulbs. The ripening process of fruits releases ethylene which is lethal for the bulbs. Fruits are anyway at their best when eaten fresh.

Growing Tulips in Australia is still a challenge

Don’t expect your Tulips to reflower even after you adopt the above strategies. For Australian climate, tulips are annuals and choosing highly visible parts of your garden that often gets a makeover, or better still putting them in the pots is the best way to enjoy your tulips. You need to show off your tulips after all the hard work and pots allow just that. You can pack the bulbs thick inside the pots and position the pots appropriately for the best impact.

Planting the bulbs

Cram the bulbs vertically or horizontally taking care to ensure that they are about one or two centimetres apart and about 8 inches below the surface. You can also use some creativity by mixing different species of tulips at different levels within the same pot when the size of the pot allows the luxury.

Avoid excess water

Tulips After Watering

The bulbs should be watered after planting. However, standing water can be harmful to the tulips since that could promote rotting. Adequate water is important for the plants to get a stronger root system before they become dormant in winter.


If you expect a repeat performance, use a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen. Cow manure that is well-rotted or special fertilizers for bulbs works well during the fall planting season. If you missed fertilizing during fall, high nitrogen could be added during spring when the shoots start appearing. Future performance can also be aided by fast-release fertilizer.


A bunch of tulip bulbs sold for a precious $44,000 in Holland during the 17th century when the new tulip was high fashion and a rage in fact.

Red Tulip is a symbolic declaration of love

Tulip bulbs even while blossoming, keep dividing for the generations ahead.